Q. Qui garde nos rivieres?

 A. Friends of the Barwon has always acted as a guardian or watchdog for the waterways in our region.

 Importantly, we have made major contributions to the Central and Gippsland Region Sustainable Water Strategy (C&GSWS) (DELWP-2022), and also to the Rivers of the Barwon (Barre Warre Yulluk ) Action Plan (BWYAP) (DELWP -2021).

Together, these two documents represent the management blueprint for government authorities to follow to ensure the regions water supplies while protecting the environment with a 50-year vision.

The original Sustainable Water Strategy

There was a previous Central Sustainable Water Strategy (DELWP- 2006) which was a new, forward thinking and ambitious approach to water planning. Its weakness was that many of the actions anticipated were never implemented, or alternatively, massively delayed.

An example; one gigalitre (GL) of Environmental Water Holding was to be allocated to the Upper Barwon, but was only finally delivered in 2018 – twelve years after it was proposed!

How do we keep the Strategies honest?

Community groups (like FOTB) acting as river guardians are the only safeguards to ensure that what is promised is actually delivered in our region.

We can do this by continual referencing and monitoring of the implementation of actions contained in the above two documents.

To simplify this audit process, we have created a spreadsheet (see below) for anticipated actions specific to our region within the C&GSWS, and we also reproduced the Implementation page of the BWYAP (below).

(Note: more detail on the specific actions can be found in the full versions of the C&GSWS and BWYAP reports on the DEECA website – see the links above.

Please take a look at the actions proposed, check on progress, and see what’s most important to you.

Be a watchdog for our waterways!