The Barwon is mighty,

The rubbish unsightly! 

Let’s give the platypi a chance

To do their platypodi dance

In water that has an ab-sance

Of stinky rotten litter. 

Join Friends of the Barwon and mates from Geelong to help clean up a beautiful spot beside Ceres Bridge on the Barwon River that’s in real need of some TLC….

Let’s pick it up before it gets washed in to the river! 

This event is registered as part of Clean Up Australia Day.

Details of the event can be found at:…/barwon-river-beside…

Please RSVP to the organiser via the link above so we can organise clean up gear for everyone.

NOTE: Given that we will be working near the river, please ensure that any children attending are supervised by a parent or guardian at all times, and also consider the potential for snakes to be present in the area where we will be working.