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Our Living Rivers of the Barwon

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority Final Report of the Moorabool Groundwater and FLOWS Project

The study summary can be found here; LINK

The full report can be found here: LINK

Concerned Waterways Alliance

The Concerned Waterways Alliance (CWA) is a network of community and environment groups from Gippsland to the Otways who share a deep concern about the degraded state of southern Victoria’s rivers, wetlands and aquifers, and are committed to improving their health for the benefit of current and future generations. FOTB are active CWA members and contributors.

A key document produced by the CWA is the Joint Statement regarding the Gippsland and Central Region Sustainable Water Strategy: LINK


 People for A Living Moorabool

People for A Living Moorabool (PALM) formed during April 2008 in response to the dire condition of the Moorabool River. The PALM Charter reads:

“Our group unites those who want to keep the full length of the Moorabool River alive. This one idea of a ‘living Moorabool’ is our guiding principle. It means that our commitment to be a voice for the river will override any support for the rights of particular water users. We have a single focus – the right of this magnificent, but highly stressed river, to an effective environmental flow. We are motivated by the politics of unity not division.

Our members and supporters are from communities along the whole length of the Moorabool catchment and beyond. They are urban and rural dwellers, and include 3rd generation farmers, scientists, artists and Waterwatch volunteers.

Amendment VC201

 Stronger planning policies and landscape controls to protect the Rivers of the Barwon, Waterways of the West and rivers and creeks across Victoria.

The amendment introduces two new regional policies for the Rivers of the Barwon and Waterways of the West. These regional policies holistically look at the respective regions, acknowledging that the catchments go beyond the main rivers and include lakes, tributaries and billabongs that all function as part of the living system.

At this time, SLO controls introduced by amendment VC201 are in place on an interim basis until 31 December 2026 (four-years from gazettal).

View the full amendment and associated maps.